The 100 coolest works of architecture in the world

Source  : businessinsider by Will HeilpernandChloe Pantazi The world has so many incredible buildings that it can be hard to know which are truly above the rest.
For those who want to brush up on their architecture knowledge, we've compiled a ranking of the 100 coolest buildings and structures on the planet. These include old and new pieces of architecture all over the world, including museums, wineries, religious spaces, skyscrapers, transportation hubs, hotels, and more. From a grand, intricately designed historic palace in Spain to a tiny chapel that blends into the Arizona desert, here are our top 100: 100. The slide-like Urbis building in Manchester, UK, contains a National Football Museum. Marina J / 99. The bizarre-looking Vodafone Headquarters in Portugal shrugs off the conventional straight lines you might expect from a corporate entity. Leon/Flickr 98. The remains of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Scotland provide a haunting setting for a brisk walk.