Monkey take photos with stolen camera

Monkeys pinch photographer's camera Use camera to take hundreds of pictures It was amazing to watch - photographer SNAP happy monkeys have commandeered a wildlife photographer's camera and taken hundreds of photos. 

Photographer David Slater was visiting an Indonesian national park when monkeys took his camera. Picture: Picture Media Source: Supplied

 The crested black macaques were obviously not content with just stealing wallets and food from tourists' pockets. Photographer David Slater set his camera up on a tripod to take some shots of the “not so clever” monkeys. 

He left the equipment for mere moments and when he returned one of the animals was monkeying around with it. He told The Guardian: "They were quite mischievous, jumping all over my equipment. One hit the button. The sound got his attention and he kept pressing it. "At first it scared the rest of them away but they soon came back – it was amazing to watch.

Monkey takes photo
A monkey takes an image of photographer David Slater. Photograph: David J Slater/Caters News Agency

"At first there was a lot of grimacing with their teeth showing."
But then the animals seemed to settle down.
"He must have taken hundreds of pictures by the time I got my camera back."